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For nothing more.

Here I sit, dark and dead, madness running through my head,
As I think of what I've always wanted more and more,
Allowing myself to rot, fading until I am naught,
Wishing for what I've sought, as I've always done before.
But nothing comes to me, at all, as it always was before--
--------------------- As my hopes were nevermore.

I grasp at what I desire, but it's always moving ever higher,
And, with dread, I see it going where I cannot hope to soar,
Into my breath, this fear is screaming, far too loud to have meaning,
And I wish that I were dreaming, so I might awaken, just once more.
But I know that this is real, and thus I will be saved no more--
--------------------- My torment seizing a heart so poor.

To be, and not get, is the sorrow I've met,
The lack of my love is what I'm mourning for,
All I feel is pain, I've nothing more to gain
From being lively or sane, as I've felt before.
'Tis my curse of this life as always was before--
--------------------- Between death and life, I'm on the shore.

By my being, weak and sad, why must this life seem so bad?
Why must my love be apart from me, as it always was before?
What reason have you, Divine One, to have me suffer in the sun?
Of my dreams, I've gotten none. Is this all worth living for?
If I cannot have my joy, what can my life be for?
--------------------- As it seems, for nothing more.
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