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I'm sad, I'm cold,
I feel worthless and old.
I feel dead inside,
I've lost my pride,
I'm essentially told,
That I'm worse than mold.

I'm scared, I'm afraid,
I've been weakly made.
I'm humanly flawed,
Exiled from the God,
For idiocy I've paid,
Now I walk only in shade.

I'm angry, I'm mad,
After all the pain I've had.
After humanity killed me,
And the darkness had filled me,
All that happens to me is bad,
Humanity's glare will to my pain add.

Then, after anger, we know of despicable hate,
But upon no lover, will I glare with something so great,
For Humans can love, just as I do,
And there is nothing stronger, nothing more true.
Regardless of that, my rages remain,
A bitterness inside, which causes me pain,
It doesn't matter, I know of my fate,
Nothing is worse than what happened as of late.
My hopes for humanity: Gone, down the drain.
Myself among them, though inhumanity I retain.
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