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hey im new. im sarah and im 15 from new zealand. so yeah heres some poetry i wrote

some words are never spoken
a silence to dense to ever be broken
chained down, unable to fly
i need to live, or i will die
emotional wreckage, ready made
these piercing feelings wont seem to fade
trust too much, or trust too little
leave my heart broken, bitter or brittle
my biggest regret is regretting everything
and all the pain regretting still brings
tear my scars back open again
leave me to bleed, and drve me insane
let me know i am alive still
help the empty sections inside fill
i can't stand the void anymore
i don't wanna live being so unsure
i cant live with this unease
someone help me find myself please
i just want to be real
and i just want to know i can someday heal

The rainbows I see,
are now black and white,
I can't see any colour,
and there's no wrong or right,
Everything just is,
or isn't so pure,
There isn't a way,
for me to live anymore,
I can't find where i'm going,
forgot where i've been,
Only shadows left of yesterday,
Can't remember all i've seen,
Plauged by thoughts of darkness,
These broken dreams breaking me,
Colourblind, my black and white rainbow,
Is all i am able to see.

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